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Company Profile

Atlas Flight Support is a leading aviation service provider in global flight support for corporate, commercial, cargo, ambulance, diplomatic and military operations. Our areas of expertise include Middle Eastern, African, South American and Asian destinations. Among our customers, you will find diplomats, head-of-states, royalty, charter operators, cargo airlines and air ambulances, who have the trust and confidence in our staff and service.

Our dynamic team of multilingual professionals has the know how and dedication required to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – every step of the way.


We ensure that all of our client's flights operate successfully while remaining cost efficient. We take great pride in the individualized delivery of our services, as we always provide our undivided attention to take you through the sometimes complex process of organizing and handling of flights. Our team closely follows principles of professionalism and partnership with clients, while undertaking a friendly business approach. We believe in customer care and guarantee the satisfaction of your aviation needs.